Rolex Datejust 36MM

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watch case
Oyster, 36 mm, diamonds and white gold

outer ring
set with diamonds

Water resistant up to 100 meters/330 feet

Self-winding mechanical perpetual movement

Rolex Caliber 2236

power reserve
about 55 hours

President, triple arched links

pink with diamonds

Superb chronometer certification: Swiss Observatory certification (COSC) + Rolex certification (after the movement is installed in the case)

pink dial
The sunray effect used on Rolex dials is the primary method for achieving pure metallic tones on the same metal, such as silver grey, rhodium or ruthenium.

Diamond bezel
Gem setters, like sculptors, use precious metals to craft each gem's setting by hand. Artisans set the gemstones with the utmost precision, with each gemstone being precisely arranged and aligned in its place, ensuring that it is securely mounted on a gold or platinum setting. In addition to the quality of gemstones, Rolex also has other strict requirements on gemstone setting, including the height of the gemstones and their precise arrangement, orientation and position, the regularity of the setting, the firmness and proportion, and the delicacy of the metal setting. Surface Modification. The watch brings a dazzling embellishment to the wearer's wrist.

18ct white gold
Rolex has its own foundry, casting high-quality 18ct gold alloy. By mixing different amounts of silver, copper, platinum or palladium, different kinds of 18ct gold can be extracted: gold, pink gold or white gold. All raw materials are made of high-purity metal. Before the gold is formed, it must be carefully tested with advanced equipment in the self-operated laboratory. Each process is meticulous. Since the source of production, the unremitting pursuit of excellence is the consistent insistence of Rolex.